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At Fitzroy, it is our fundamental belief that the safety, health and wellbeing of our people is our number one priority. Our people are our most valuable asset and their safety and health is our greatest responsibility.

We are absolutely committed to preventing all injuries and occupational illnesses in the workplace, and believe that all employees should be able to return home fit and well at the end of each shift.

Fitzroy takes pride in the fact that our safety systems and operational standards are aligned with all relevant legislation and are consistently applied across our business. It is these high standards that drive our operational discipline and underpin our resilient safety culture.

We have open and honest lines of communication with our employees, contractors and business partners to encourage a safety culture of transparency and accountability. We expect our leaders to be visible and passionate champions for safety by consistently setting high standards through their behaviour. We empower our people to stop work if they sense it is unsafe.

At Fitzroy, we are determined to succeed in all aspects of our business and to make our safety vision a reality.


We are committed to operating sustainably and promoting environmental awareness by working responsibly within our range of environments and social settings.

We aim to avoid adverse environmental impacts arising from our business activities by complying with all regulatory conditions and relevant legislation, as well as educating our workforce on key environmental risks, controls and responsibilities.

We make it our priority to regularly review operations to identify and implement improvement opportunities, as well as to establish measurable environmental objectives and targets.


At Fitzroy, we believe that developing a strong relationship with our local communities is essential in maintaining the sustainability and success of our business.

Whilst a mining project can result in creating local jobs, increasing economic activity and developing much-needed infrastructure, we understand that our ability to operate is reliant on the relationships that we establish and nurture. Like any relationship, we believe that communication is key and therefore encourage dialogue with local communities for mutual benefit. We are committed to keeping our word, managing our impact, and resolving complaints in accordance with our published standards of service.

We are also committed to supporting those who support us and give back to the communities and individuals that host us. Here are a few things that we have been up to lately…

  •  In line with Fitzroy’s ongoing commitment to the environment and the community, we are proud to sponsor the Fitzroy Partnership for River Health. Working closely with industry stakeholders, the Fitzroy Partnership for River Health provides funding, resources and contributions to water quality and ecosystem monitoring across the Fitzroy Basin in Central Queensland. Please see the Fitzroy Partnership for River Health website for further information
  •  Fitzroy donated surplus safety clothing and uniforms to The Rotary Club of North Mackay. The clothing was distributed at various Rotary International Projects in the South Pacific Islands, such as the Solomon’s and Fiji.
  •  Fitzroy were Gold Sponsors of the local PGA Mining Town Pro-Am Series golf day in Moranbah. This was a unique opportunity for the amateur golfers of Moranbah to enjoy a day out with the Pros. In addition to the golf day, the travelling professionals also hosted juniors and ladies’ clinics in a bid to give back to the community.
  •  Fitzroy donated a toilet block to the Moranbah Go-Kart Club. The go-kart club provides a safe and interactive environment for local children and adults of all ages to socialise.
  •  Fitzroy donated caps and whiteboard markers to ODA Cambodia who house and educate children who are orphaned or disadvantaged.
  •  Carborough Downs’ Gold Crew raised $15,332 for Movember, a global movement that aims to raise awareness of men's health issues and therefore reduce the number of preventable deaths.
Fitzroy Partnership for River Health (FPRH), established in 2012, includes organisations from government, agricultural and resources industries, research and community who are committed to providing a more complete picture of river health for the Fitzroy Basin

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